Update: 4 May 2020
Note: Forecasts will be soon updated following the analysis of latest information and data collected. 
The impact of coronavirus will be significant for the automotive industry at short-, medium- and long term.
This page relates to the short tem production resume after the crisis  from April to the end of this year 2020.
The whole automotive supply chain will have to adjust its resources to the production during this period. Anticipating the volumes is very important and must be vital.
In order to support its customers, Inovev has developed a full model enabling to calculate the quantities of cars which will be produced by the carmakers from now to the end of the year.
This model is based on the demand, and the volumes lost during the lockdown period.
The most significant factor is the demand of consumers.
Inovev presents here the results of its model calculated from assumptions which are clearly displayed.
The current results relate to Europe and will be followed in the next future by results relating to other regions of the world.
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Automotive Market (Registrations) and Production Forecasts for the year 2020

Charts Tables (in Excel format)

2005-2020 Sales and Production graphs - Yearly
2020 Sales and Production graphs - Monthly
2020 Yearly Production graph -
By country and carmaker
2005-2020 Sales and Production Table - Yearly

2020 Sales Production and Sales data - Monthly
European Plants Closures/Reopening period and Production volumes
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