Masses and Dimensions of vehicles in Europe

A full report analysing the evolution of the masses and dimensions of passenger cars produced and registered in Europe 

* Deliverable
   - Full report of around 80 pages - PPT and PDF format. 
     See content of the study below
   - Production data detailed by model, dimensions and masses from 2000 to 2030
     Excel format
* Main content of the study (more detailed by clicking in the link below):
   > Introduction 
   > Methodology
   > Analysis
   - A) Production
              - Mass and dimensions analysis
                        ° 2000 - 2023 evolution
                                  # All motorisations
                                  # Non electrified
                                  # Electrified: BEV, PHEV, HEV-Full
                        ° Focus on year 2002
                                  # All motorisations
                                  # Electrified: BEV, HEV, HEV-Full
              - Cubic capacities analyses
 -  B) Sales
                      - Analysis of year 2022
                                  ° Sales and imports
                                  ° Production, sales and imports
   > Main findings and conclusion
* More detailed content and study overview
* Detailed production data
This data table is at the basis of all graphs and tables included in the full report. 
10 000 Euros 
for the full report + data table
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