The information provided and the IT applications developed within the scope of Inovev products (in particular but not solely studies, Excel data, analyses, …) and/or services (here below referred as Products/services”) shall remain the full property of INOVEV.

Products/services are purchased for a group of users (here below referred as “users’ entity”). which is defined for each purchased “Product/service”.

The users of a” users’ entity” which has acquired the “Product/service” benefit from an unlimited and non-exclusive  license that allows them to use and exploit the results of Inovev’s “Products/services”.

They  commit themselves not to disclose or transmit the purchased “products/services” or part of them to any person not belonging to the “users’ entity” without the prior written authorisation from Inovev.
As an exception to this rule, the users may present documents based on Inovev “Products/services” to customer or partner companies without authorisation from Inovev.
In this case the user undertakes to clearly indicate the source of information by stating "Source:Inovev".

The users entity for which the license is purchased is generally defined (unless otherwise specified) as a group of persons with the same extension of e-mail address of type
Extensions are considered as different from extensions

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