Promote Your Company with "Automotive City"
For this new edition of CCE, we have developed a new concept named “Automotive City”, a specific integrated place including:
-The “Automotive Innovation Pole”
(AIP- same concept as last year but with possibilities for companies to enhance their visibility with Premium services).
-Four company booths (3 * 60 m2 and 1 * 42 m2) around the AIP with strong connections to the AIP (including a private 9 m2 space on the AIP).

The objective is to help visitors to clearly identify exhibitors from the Automotive Industry among the 700 others and to attract them around their booths and the AIP. 

Proposed services are:
  • Display of your innovative parts (physically or on panels)
  • Premium services enhancing the visibility of your company (on AIP, in Conferences, and on the Internet) 
  • “Automotive City package (Special Booth + Premium Services).
CCE2019-PYC-Map CCE2019-PYC-AutomotiveCity
Please pay attention: Only Four seats are available to "Automotive City".
First come, First serve. 
CCE 2019 Benefits Packages
Besides "Automotive City", you still have other opportunities to promote your innovations. 
 Packages Overview<Please click the picture to get big image>
 Packages Detailed Benefit<Please click the picture to get big image>
Please click here to download the Registration Form and Full File of CCE 2019 Automotive Programme. 

Questions? Interested in displaying your noteworthy parts or technologies?

Contact us:

- By email:

- By phone: +33 952 96 06 78 

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