CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics): use over next years in 5 German carmakers
The study has been conducted:
Utilizing several previous technical and market studies relating to automotive CFRP, which have been carried out by Inovev and its partners over recent last years.
Analysing current in-series vehicles and concept vehicles.
Investigating all models from studied carmakers which will change in the next 5 years:
new models on new platforms, new models taking advantage of existing platforms, new versions, refreshed and facelifted models, ...
This part of this study took support on the comprehensive Inovev's database relating to forecast of vehicles quantities.
- Interviewing 33 executives of the automotive industry, using a prepared questionnaire as a basis of discussion.
Typolology of interviewed specialists: 8 carmakers, 17 suppliers, 3 independent technical centres
- Collecting raw information and analysing it through a unique combination of automotive market specialists and automotive technologies specialists.
It is to note that several automotive technology  specialists of Inovev have supervised technology analysis of vehicles through their entire disassembly (more than 100 vehicles disassembled).
The analysis has been constructed taking care of not confusing the dreams of material specialists with what really will be achieved. 
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