Secure your place at CCE-2019

CCE-2017 automotive and CCE-2018 automotive have been very successful.
Each of the two years 2017 and 2018:
- Thousand of visitors have visited the Automotive Innovation Display Pole (AIP) on which two flagship innovations and 20 innovative parts have been displayed by renowned innovative companies from the world.
- Conferences have been presented by innovative companies during two half days (AIC)
- Thousands of parts information sheets have been uploaded, from the Q2R codes displayed on the panels by the side of parts, from the Inovev Internet Platform (I3P).

These services have provided participating innovative companies with an excellent way to promote their products and know-how towards the large Chinese market.

Inovev is now organising CCE-2019 automotive.

a) AIP
The Automotive Innovation Display Pole will be kept in 2019 with the same area.
But it will be the core of a bigger Automotive Space which will include booths of innovative companies which are very active in the automotive industry.
Inovev proposes the following services for 2019:
- Possibilty for innovative companies to display their parts on the Automotive Innovation Display Pole.
This service is completely free of charge (however transportation of parts to Shanghai is at the charge of the company displaying the part).
Inovev commits itself to provide innovative companies and their products with a good level of visibility on the AIP and I3P.
A complementary higher level of visibility is proposed on a paying base.
- Possibility for innovative companies which have no parts to display however to be visible on the AIP and the AIC, on a paying base. 
- Possibility for innovative companies to rent the stands inside the Automotive Space with a direct link to the parts of the same company which are displayed in the AIP.

Due to the success of the 2 previous years, the place on the Automotive Space (AIP and booths) will be provided on a "first comer, first served" basis (providing that the innovation is retained by the "AIP selection Committtee".

b) AIC
In 2019, eight conferences will be presented by speakers from renowned companies.
The conference presented by the innovative company will have a strong link with the part presented by the same company on the AIP.
Theme of conferences is not yet chosen.
Visibility of innovative companies on the conference room will be proposed.

c) I3P
The on-line database I3P included, at the date of CCE 2018, more than 250 innovations.
The objective is to add 50 to 100 new innovations for the CCE-2019.
Companies which provide innovations to be inputted on the I3P benefit from a very good visibility on the I3P.

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