Update: 4 May 2020
Note: Forecasts will be soon updated following the analysis of latest information and data collected. 

In order to foreorecast the automotive production from now on, two factors are to be taken in consideration:
- The loss of production due to the closures of the plant.
- The decrease of purchases due to the crisis.Generally speaking, when there is a crisis (such as the 2008 financial one),
the loss during the crisis is not caught up and the production gets back after a while to its normal pre-crisis position
without going higher than the pre-normal pre-crisis position.

Based on its 25 year experience in automotive statistics and analyses, Inovev has constructed a mathematical model aiming
at understanding what will happen and estimating the production quantities in Europe in the next months:
the PAMM model, which is presented here below and results in Forecast menu.
 PAMM: Post  Automotive Market Model

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