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B2B Automotive Industry
Inovev supports global business development of its customers
by  promoting their innovations and providing data/analyses related to markets and technologies
Promotion of innovations
Data & Analyses
China Composites Expo  INOVEV Market
Promotion of automotive composites innovations
at China Composites Expo 2020 (2-4 September 2020)
In partnership with CCE
Data and analyses related to markets evolution:
- Production and registrations-past, present and future
- Excel files and Powerpoint analyses 
JEC World INOVEV Technologies
Promotion of automotive composites innovations 
at JEC Worlds Expo 2020 (3-5 March 2020)
In partnership with JEC Group
Composite materials         click here 
         - I3P database: 
400 innovative parts in composite materials
- Studies
Electronics                       click here 
PFA Innovations PFA Marché
French automotive innovations
In partnership with PFA
Automotive market data for the French industry
In partnership with PFA
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By email: info@inovev.com
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