Gain a competitive advantage upon completing an internship with us!


Inovev is a global service company fully dedicated to the automotive industry.
It brings high valued-added services to the worldwide carmakers and their supply chains.
It is famous and renown in the entire world for the excellence of its support. 
It started at the beginning of 2016 taking advantage of an executive team which has worked
together for at least 10 years (11 years for the youngest and 20 years for the older) 
in a company named Mavel (company which used to analyse the design and engineering of cars by 
disassembling them entirely - more than 100 vehicles have been disassembled) 

Inovev focuses on two key activities:
- Automotive market: Production of automotive statistics and forecast, publication of weekly in-depth analyses.
  Please click here to view what the media have published in the last month about inovev.
- Automotive technical innovations: 
  Promotion of worldwide technical automotive innovations using digital and "brick and mortar" means. 
  Click here to view  our next operation in China in Septembre 2017.
 Working with Inovev opens a royal door to integrate our start-up company
 or a major automotive industry player
Offer #1: Search for automotive innovations to be displayed on our Automotive Innovations Pole
in Shanghai in September 2017 
and their input into our Inovev Internet innovation Platform (I3P)
Searched profile: 
- English mother tongue
- Comfortable in telephone contacts with worldwide companies.
- Technical background.
- At least 3 years in University.
- Interested in the automotive industry.

Offer #2: Internet platform development
Searched profile:
- Excellency in graphic design.
- Very good knowledge of CSS construction and management.
- Experience in developing good-looking  and attractive internet sites.
- English language.
Some knowledge of PHP.
- Having a knowledge of Joomla and Seblod would be a plus.

Practical modalities for the two internship positions
When and how long: as soon as possible. At least 3 months
- Where: Levallois-Perret (Grand Paris, France)
- Fees: depending on background

Interested in joining our team?
 Please send an email to: presenting your motivations and joining your résumé.