2020 Automotive Electronics Innovation Report   

A specific report constructed from on-spot visit of

CES-2020 and analyses of Inovev's experts
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Contents of the 2020 Automotive Electronics Innovation Report

- Contents
- Disclaimer
- Introduction
- Presence of OEMs at Major Automotive Shows
I. Management Summary
- General overview
- Main Automotive Trends
II. Vehicle makers
- Passenger cars
- PODs

III. Technologies developed by carmakers and suppliers
- In-Vehicle Mobility Experience/HMI
- Display
- Voice Recognition
- ADAS Functions
- Autonomous Driving
- Fuel Cell
- Additional Interesting New Technologies

- Acronym/Professional wording dictionary
- Video links
- List of companies quoted in this report
- About Inovev
- Inovev’s analysts for this study

Companies analysed in the 2020 Automotive Electronics Innovation Report
Vehicles manufacturers
- 14 Passenger cars: Audi, BMW, Byton, .....
- 3 Commercial vehicles
- 7 Pods
Automotive suppliers/partners
- 83 suppliers/partners: AccuWeather, Aeye Idar,....
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